Welcome to my very first blog post, yay! So I decided to become a blogger...

A quick introduction: My name's Christopher Schramm, I'm in the last year of my studies of Computer Science (MSc) at a German university, with the main focus on networking and security topics. I've got in touch with web development over a decade ago, when I was only about 14 years old, "developing" a little online game with PHP. I've always pursued this topic ever since, and finally started working as a freelancer to make a living for the last couple of years. Currently, I'm the developer of a little web startup, I got in touch with freelancing, but I don't think it's going to work out, so don't expect me to talk about it.

To come to the point, although my main occupation is being a student, I presume to call myself a (Backend) Web Developer with insights in the full stack and I want to make a series of blog posts, giving an overview of most of the web development topics that come to my mind. I think of it to be a quite extensive "Who's Who" overview and, to be honest, I will not always know what I'm talking about, since I'm going to demonstrate technologies I've never had a deeper look at before, like Groovy and Node.js. The overview is targeted at beginners as well as advanced developers interested in some fresh views, although for the backend programming part, I expect basic knowledge of programming. I won't explain things like variables or functions and I further expect some object orient programming (OOP) background.

I'll give a preliminary outline here, but without a schedule and it's subject to change. I'll edit this post and link to the respective posts whenever I'm making some progress. Please leave me a note, if you're missing something, if something's wrong or if you have any other feedback. Appreciate it!

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